what we do

our mission

To bring professional culinary skills to our guests and their families through virtual, interactive, and participation driven courses.

our approach

We provide live courses with professional chefs who come from some of the most prestigious and contemporary restaurants in the United States. We do not do pre-recorded sessions, as each class is aimed at providing an interactive experience with a small group to allow for one-to-one attention with each participant and ample time for questions and answers. Our classes also have facilitators present to virtually assist the chefs as they create restrautant quality dishes with our guests. The facilitators helps ensure safety, group participation, and an overall great experience.

Each course is limited to a set number of participants to ensure that we provide a personalized experience. When you sign up for the class, you will receive a list of ingredients and kitchen supplies required for the course. You will also be provided with a form so that we can know how many children from your household are joining, their ages, and first names so the chef can have this information in advance of the session.

Throughout the session, our chef and facilitator will provide critical educational tips on how to use the tools in the kitchen, safety requirements, and encourage group participation and communication to help promote team learning.

our story

Our company was founded by Katie Wazny, a 20-year veteran of the restaurant industry, with the goal of bringing individuals and chefs together in a virtual and safe environment to teach critical life skills while creating culinary delights. The idea for corner & knife was born during the COVID quarantine in early 2020, while Katie attended business leadership courses with Landmark Worldwide. Katie’s vision was aimed at teaching children the critical skills she learned throughout her tenure in the restaurant industry, and the idea expanded to include guests of all ages.

Katie joined forces with some of Denver’s most critically acclaimed chefs, as well as a key business leader and long-time friend, Steven Chavez, to develop corner & knife and launch pilots of the program in the late spring of 2020. From there, our concept and mission have been to provide a safe and interactive session that allows kids to interact with other kids while learning how to cook.

Cooking is only one component. At corner & knife, we believe that kitchen safety is critically important and we aim to provide safety education while teaching each course. In addition, we provide free online blogs and videos to help promote safety in the kitchen.

Our work is dedicated to friends, family, and colleagues who leaned into the possibilities and shared a common vision for success.