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what we offer

flexible scheduling

Chef’s can determine the dates and times they want to offer courses. All of our chefs are 1099 contractors and can participate in classes as their schedule allows.

pay per class

We ensure that our chefs are always reimbursed for the food needed to teach the class. In addition, we offer a percentage of the class profit to the chef so if we make more, you make more. We also pay our chefs within 3 business days of the completed class.

creating a community

Corner & Knife promotes a community for our students, employees, and chefs. We encourage our chefs to connect, learn from each other, and offer connections to various restaurants in the communities we serve.

giving back to kids

We donate a portion of our profits to charity. At corner & knife, we believe that no child should go hungry and donate to causes to support kids in need. You can help make this possible with your classes.

helping the industry

In addition to helping kids, we recognize that chefs, bartenders, and servers in the industry are often faced with their own challenges. We give back a portion of our profits to causes to help with industry members who are suffering financially, from addiction, etc.

future possibilities

We are exploring future options for training adults, offering recorded sessions, and many more possibilities. As we build out our options, we create more options for you to participate in “gig” opportunities and share your knowledge with future chefs.

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