Cooking 101: Intro to Knife Safety

Just as a writer needs a pen, a chef needs a knife. The thought of kids using knives can be terrifying for many parents. However, knowing how to properly handle a knife could make all of the difference in creating a safe kitchen space. This blog will cover some basics on how to handle a knife. This is a broad topic and we will provide additional details in future posts.

Did you know that one of the most common knife injuries comes from cutting bagels? Yes! A simple act of cutting bread is actually a leading cause of injury in the kitchen. Let us help you avoid injury (so you can enjoy your bagel) by doing the following:

  1. Always cut food on a cutting board and never cut while holding the item
  2. Make sure your cutting board has a non-slip surface, or place a wet paper towel under it to make sure it doesn’t move while cutting
  3. Grip the knife correctly (what the below video to see how)
  4. Make a claw with the opposite hand that is holding the food. Tucking your fingers into a claw shape will help you guide the knife and protect your piggies
  5. Go slow when chopping (Iron Chef speed comes with time!)
  6. Never take your eyes off the knife and where you are cutting
  7. Always set the knife down when walking away from the cutting board. Never walk with the knife in hand
  8. When setting the knife down, make sure that the whole knife is squarely on the board with the point facing away from you

We will cover more specific safety tips for different knives and cutting techniques in future blogs. In the meantime, enjoy this great video that covers knife handling as well as basic cuts. Happy cooking!

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