Connecting you with professional chefs to unlock culinary possibilities from the comfort of home!

corner & knife was created with the intention of introducing individuals and families to culinary education in a virtual environment. Unlike other online cooking courses, corner & knife brings a highly personalized experience by connecting professional chefs with our guests in a real-time, limited-sized, virtual classroom. Cooking globally influenced and restaurant-quality dishes will teach our guests how to safely navigate the kitchen and tools. corner & knife proudly promotes safe learning and encourages community interaction by having our guests interact virtually.

personal approach

Each classroom is limited to 6 households and has a dedicated facilitator and professional chef. Learn more about our approach.

professional chefs

We bring chefs from some of the most renowned restaurants in the US. Learn more about our chefs and how to join our team.

upcoming classes

corner & knife strives to make each course an experience. View our upcoming class calendar and make your reservation today!

* The name corner & knife comes from two staple terms used in the restaurant industry. For example, “corner”, would be said to avoid running into others while coming around a corner. Similarly, “knife” is ALWAYS spoken when carrying a knife or sharp object around others

creating a cooking community

corner & knife brings people together from all parts of the country, with varying backgrounds and skillsets. We encourage interaction between people in the class to help promote relationship building, community, and fun. Below are pictures from one of our recent events. Please send us your pictures and we will add them to the site!

corner & knife

Denver, CO